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An artist who studies the relation between the institution of art and psychology. Specifically, the relation between art and psychoanalysis. From the beginning, my work has taken as primordial reference Sigmund Freud’s book called “Unrest in Culture”, to make visible the presence of unhealthy ideas that cause damage to the mind of the individuals.

Subsequently, my next projects consist of trying off to heal my emotional damage putting into practice the concept of the sublime, using visual language. I had learned that I could use the language, as much as writing or speaking, to complete my achievements. This is why I want to corroborate that this new way of expression could bring me more possibilities.

The result of my first exercises didn’t cover my expectations. This makes me change the way I build my work. I’ve started to understand that ideas lead us to actions. If I could not stop my thoughts, my new attempt was to try to stop the actions that provoke my thoughts. This result in the creation of new symbols that show me the consequences of my actions, trying to develop a behavior break through fear.

Passing through the beginning of an investigation and count of the system of rules that humankind use to behave. Its history and evolution, but mainly, the negative side effects that this one generates into the behavior and criteria of the individual. The main objective of this investigation is to study and expose the mechanisms that this system uses to conceive one of the most relevant pathological conditions for the society of the 21st century, the depression.

At this point in my investigation, my bibliographical references lead me to meet the work of a crucial linguist of our time, Jacques Lacan. From this junction, my work starts to be built from the aesthetic discourse of this author. Leaving beauty aside, focused me in represent the trauma that produces the confrontation of our reality.

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