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Originally from Mexico City (10/31/1963), trained as a graphic designer by the Universidad Iberoamericana, venturing into the arts from 1993.
She has 18 individual exhibitions and more than 60 colective exhibitions, among which the following in Mexico City: Congreso de la Unión, Rufino Tamayo Museum, Soumaya Museum, Modern Art Museum, Natural History Museum, Technological Museum, Casa del Tiempo, Conjunto Cultural Ollín Yoliztli, also in other Mexico cities : Celaya, Mérida, San Miguel de Allende, Mazatlán, Puebla, San Luis Potosí, Toluca and Veracruz and abroad has presented his work in: Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Colombia , Cuba, Spain, the United States, France, Honduras, Israel, Italy, Poland and Romania.
She has made works such as the Bicentennial Mural of Benito Juárez called “Un Sueño”, for the Iztacalco Mayor's Office, Mexico City (2006). “Ángeles a Cielo Razo” in San Ángel, chapel and roofs (1993).
He has participated in various books such as: A Window to Art, Once Women (2002), The Art of the Human Body (2001), Artistas Plástico, México 1999, 2000 by Ediciones Gráficas (2000), Mexico City, Call for Dreams, The song of silences Vol II Ignacio Flores Antúnes, Artistas, SCC México 2013.
She obtained first place in the contest for the book "The Art of the Human Body", Graphic Editions, Galería Carracter. Mexico City, 2000 and was awarded the 2013 "Andrés Henestrosa" Gold Scroll Award of Merit.

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