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Rodrigo Ayala was born on the 8 th of February 1967 in Cuernavaca, Morelos. He studied his B,A, in Visual Arts from 1987 to 1992 and his masters in the same field from 2017 to 2020 in Facultad de Arte y Diseño in the UNAM with professors Ignacio Salazar, Begoña Zorrilla and Guillermo Zapfe.

He practices his profession as a painter since 1992 and has a broad trajectory.His first exhibition "Las Razones del Caos" in 1991 in FAD at the UNAM. Thanks to his great works in the years 1995 and 1996 as "La Ventana" and "Holland XVII" he obtained two supports from the Programa de Fomento a Proyectos y Conversiones Culturales that set the guidelines for carrying out the projects "Los Artificios de la Ilusión" and "Óptica Dual". In the following years, he received two acquisition prizes in the editions XIV (1994) and XVIII (1997) in the Encuentro Nacional Arte Joven of Aguascalientes of the INBA.

In 2004 he exhibits an early retrospective to show his formal discoveries of his first twelve years of investigation in the field through Fundación Sebastián A.C. and in 2007 he is awarded a residency in the island of Contadora in Panama by the José Félix Llopis and Fundación Carolina de España. Both events radically influence stylistic changes and a new search in the plastic arts and materialize into the exhibitions "Hidro-Grafías" (2007) at the Fundación Sebastián A.C., "Inferencias" (2009), in the Centro Corporativo Calakmul, "Reflexiones" (2010) in the Centro Cultural Veracruzano, and finally with a mural "Alegoría" in the exhibition "Travesías" (2013) in the Fundación Sebastián A.C.

From 2016 to the present he is exhibitied "A dos/Á deux" (2016) in La Alianza Francesa de México, in Mexico city, "Grafías Prismáticas", (2019) in the Fundación Sebastián A. C., "Megaciudad-Intimidades", (2019) in the Museo de la Ciudad de México. Throughout his career, his work has been written about by critics, writers and painters: Luis Ignacio Sainz Chávez, José María Espinaza, Luis Riuz Caso, Andrés de Luna, Antonio Espinoza, Teresa del Conde, Ignacio Salazar, Antonio Rodríguez, Carlos Blas Galindo, José Manuel Springer, Germaine Goméz Haro, Cesar Güemes, Leticia Ocharan, Gonzalo Vélez, Adriana Moncada, Blanca González Rosas, Miguel Ángel Quemain, Merry Mac Masters.

Ayala has exhibited in collective exhibitions over one hundred times and has been selected to diverse cultural contests such as the III Bienal del Caribe y Centroamérica in the Dominique Republic, el Concurso BID de Pintura Joven en México, the III Bienal of Monterrey, the X Bienal de Pintura Rufino Tamayo and the V Bienal Monterrey FEMSA.

During his trajectory as educator beginning on 2005 he has shared his knowledge as painting and drawing professor at La Esmeralda, La FAD and the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey.

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