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My name is Alessa Esteban; I’m a Mexican visual artist currently living in Rome. I work in different art medias: Drawing, Painting, Photography sometimes, even Performance and short films. I consider that the important thing in my artwork it is not the media, but the themes I have been developing. I'm very interested in Sigmund Freud's theories in Psychoanalysis. But my artwork is deeply connected to my own childhood and my sisters.

I studied Visual Arts and a master degree in Psychoanalysis in Mexico; a specialization in multimedia and sculpture in the applied arts university of Vienna; coming back to Mexico for some years where I taught at the fine arts academy contemporary art while I studied another master degree in Egyptology and ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs.

For years during my artistic career, I’ve had several residencies invitations and grants to stay for a short time in different cultural and educational institutions to produce my artwork, make a special collective project as a curator or exhibit y artwork. Just to mention some important places, the RAVI Ateliers in Brussels, Tsinghua University Academy of Arts and Design in Beijing, Miss Baltazar’s Laboratory in Vienna, The Terrace Environment Artist Workshop for the Pangcah tribe, and the Bamboo Curtain Studio in Taipei, Studios Lichtenberg in Berlin, Contemporary Image Center in Cairo, Photomeetings in Luxembourg, Fundación Bilbao Arte, Künstlerhaus Land Salzburg Studio, Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Karlsruhe.

I’ve had exhibitions in Mexico, Austria, China, Belgium, Germany, Taiwan, Luxembourg, Egypt, Prague, Spain, New York, London, amongst other important cities and countries.

I organized several multicultural art projects with artists and institutions between Mexico and Europe for years.

Currently I study a master in Art History in Rome; I teach online contemporary art, art history, art theory, and practical medias to produce art results. I’m also a very intuitive and spiritual person, which is gaining a huge part of my time and attention. I read the Tarot Cards as a result of my interpretative and sensitive background. I could say I’m an intuitive light worker and healer of the universal energies. I translate the epithets of the ancient Egyptian Gods into the original language to create meditations and I’m a spiritual coach.

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