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Oscar Bachtold López was born in 1962 in Mexico City, he graduated from the Manuel del Castillo Negrete National Conservation, Restoration and Museography School. From 1985 to 1990 he studied drawing and painting at the National School of Plastic Arts.

He belongs to the National System of Creators, has an Honorable Mention in the First Biennial of Painting German Gedovius San Luís Potosí, a Grant for the Promotion of Cultural Projects and Co-investments from the National Fund for Culture and the Arts, and four grants for the Promotion of Cultural Projects and Co-investments. In 2001 he obtained an Artistic Residency for two months in Austria and in 2015 he did a residency in Berlin, Germany.

His work has been selected in the II, III, IV, and IX Biennial of Monterrey FEMSA, in La Línea del Arte, in the II Alfredo Zalce National Painting and Engraving Biennial, in the IX Rufino Tamayo Painting Biennial, in the I and II Biennial of Painting of the National Institute of Nutrition, in the Pasión al Rojo Vivo, in the VI Contest of Prints on a Modern Interpretation of Don Quixote de la Mancha, in the National Indarte Contest, in Paintings and the II Biennial of Drawing and Painting José Clemente Orozco and the IV Print Contest.

His work is part of the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, Museum of Art of Querétaro, Mina la Valenciana in Guanajuato, Siqueiros Cultural Poliforum, Rubén Herrera School of Plastic Arts in Saltillo, Collection of the Metropolitan Autonomous University, Lerma Unit, Isauro Martínez Theater in Torreón Coahuila, The House of Culture of Tlalpan, The Historical Archive and Mining Museum AC., Pachuca Hidalgo, Acosta Mine Site Museum, Nicolás Zavala Cultural Center, La Difficulty Site Museum in Real del Monte Hidalgo and La Galería 12 in Austria.

The influences of his artistic endeavor are Mesoamerican cultures, rock art, primitive, eastern cultures, German expressionism, impressionism, and modern art.
Since 1990 he has been teaching, giving Drawing and Painting workshops at UNAM, ICITAC University, Isaura Martínez Theater, Rubén Herrera de Coahuila School of Plastic Arts, Tlaxcalteca Institute of Culture, and at the Autonomous University of Mexico City.

He has presented 60 solo exhibitions and 110 group exhibitions in different parts of the country and abroad in Spain, Peru, Austria, the United States, France, and Germany.

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