For the artist, her work implies: “A framework that involves the body, the word, the mind, the energy of the space and time where I live. I feel it and I live like breathing”.

Indiana was born in Tucumán, Argentina. At the edge of four she moved with her mother and sister to the Rosario city, where she spent her childhood and adolescence, marked by the indelible breakdown of separation. Drawing and painting was from years her refuge and the window that would open in later years as the only possibility to contain her mind and emotions in a implacable world, the possibility of investigating "the paths of the unconscious", as the artist says.

She studied Visual Arts at the National University of Rosario and continued her training with important teachers such as Emilio Torti, Rubén Porta, Mario Godoy, among others.

Later, her arrival and encounter with Mexico meant a new and voluntary uprooting, this time seduced by the artistic wealth of this enormous country, where her work was acquiring vitality and maturity.


The National project of paintings and drawings ”El habitante de dos mundos”, Emanuel Swedenborg.
El Ángel que Cayó del Hombre, by the Cádiz Medical Group.
XXXVl Firenze Prize and XXXV Firenze Prize, for her works “Sonio pensando” and “La orejola nos mira desde el cielo”.
First National Painting Prize 2004, awarded by Laboratorio Jassen Cilag, Mexico City.
Finalist XLI Golden Medusa Trophy, Accademia Internazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy.
Finalist 41st Edizione Trofeo Medusa Áurea, Accademia Internazionale d 'Arte Moderna, Rome, Italy.


Alianza Francesa del Valle and Le Relax, in Mexico City.
Arte Rosenberg, and El Almacén Secreto Club, in Argentina.


She participated in the book Contemporary Plastic Artists IV published in 2016 by Editorial Croquis, C A.B.A., specialized in Art Books.

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