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Clara Araujo began her career as a photographer at an early age, when at the age of 16 she decided to dabble in the Active School of Photography, in parallel to her preparatory studies, a decision that would undoubtedly strengthen her passion for photography.

Her long stays in countries such as Spain, Canada, the United States and Colombia, allowed her to integrate elements of different cultures into her visual conception, which today is reflected in her work.

As a doctorate student in Political Science, Clara has combined for more than twenty-five years her specialty in corporate prestige and Crisis Management with her enormous taste for photography, an activity that has marked her personal and professional life and has led her, in her own words, to "Unexpectedly wonderful places." In this way, the artist has mixed her dedication to urban and nature photography with corporate portraiture, thus intertwining her two great passions.

For Clara, the commitment to the formation of new generations, where appreciation for art is a constant, is decisive. Therefore, her children join in each project with the aim of forging new apprentices of the lens.

The artist is the author of three photography books published by the National Autonomous University of Mexico: 1968/50 (2018), On images and stories (2019) and El País en la ciudad (2019). She was Editorial Coordinator of the series Image in Letter: Letter in Image edited by the Coordination of Humanities of the UNAM. She is currently participating as Editorial Coordinator and author of the centenary book of the UNAM Teaching Center for Foreigners.

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