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Artist and writer, born 1969 in United States.

He has studied painting with the South African artists Rose and Claire since 1992. Working primarily in oil, he’s done long stints in multimedia, installation, and three-dimensional works.

He’s currently directing a comprehensive geo-sited app for the City of Mexico, including thematic descriptions of its sites, areas, art, monuments, architecture, and neighborhoods.

His interests have developed primarily in syncretism, its effects over time, and in contemporary iconoclasm, specifically within contemporary art.

The study of Mexico City art, culture, and history has been integral to his artistic work which is focused on addressing audiences and individuals not traditionally attended to by contemporary institutions. Such interests are often applied to other less geographically specific circumstances and projects. Ultimately, the artist’s intent is to draw more of those not sensitized to the practice and benefits of art, and painting especially, into a closer understanding of its history and practice.

He’s participated in group exhibitions in New York, Italy, and Mexico, most recently as part of the FERMATA 3 x 3 series of micro-exhibitions presented by Miyako Yoshinaga gallery.

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